Thanksgiving/ The "Hookidays" are here :)

The Holidays are here! Our family celebrates the "Hookidays", two months of festive sweaters and Christmas wishes. Thanksgiving was thursday (believe it or not) and it was a great day to set-up our Christmas tree and have our annual family dinner with Sam's family. We have been putting up a fake Christmas tree for the past 2 years since we got super allergies from a real tree a couple of years ago. Last year we had a green tree, this year we borrowed Grandma's white tree and put it up, we like it. Sam's entire family lives in the same apartment complex as us, so it's always super easy and fun to get together at one of the apartments for Thanksgiving dinner.

It was time to put in our "Christmas C.D." back into the rotation. Chad made us this c.d. about 4 years ago, and we've listened to it every holiday season so far.
crack open the ornament box from the closet. (you can also find Shane Gibler in that closet)
Bella likes to wear her new house slippers on these windy mornings.
some of our favorite ornaments... Robots.
...Fender Guitars.
This is a new one. You can't pass up a good 'nutcracker' with a wicked mustache!

Bella helps put on the finishing touch. The star on top.
Kingsley didn't help at all, he's a lazy lazy dog.
We had to add another Christmas stocking to the wall for our newest family member.
we don't have a fireplace, so the hallway will have to do.

...time to get ready for Thanksgiving feast. Me and Sam handled some of the desserts. Sam here is making the 'Pumpkin Crunch'.
.. it came out good.
I made some Lychee stuffed with cream cheese topped with macadamia nuts... or what I like to call my "Badass Balls". mmmm, deliciouso
getting together at Uncle's house for the dinner.
Kids eat first, dude with the camera gets to cut in line too.
.. I am one of those people who never eat too much and complain about how much there stomach hurts the next day. I can keep my pants buttoned all night. was also time to celebrate cousin Moses's birthday!

Time to go to bed. We like to sleep on the couch now and enjoy Christmas tree lights.

Bella thinking about her Christmas List.

We were shopping for Christmas stuff in Pricebusters today. Bella was pressing the "try me" buttons on those singing holiday dolls, I thought, "what a great idea, lets press them all!"... I dont know if having a kid makes you mature as an adult, or makes you act like a kid again. Both qualities seem to come out of me when I hang out with Bella.