Halloween 2009 folks!! It was a good Halloween this year, this is the first Halloween I didnt have to go to work in 9 years. I actually got to spend the whole day with Bella. Unfortunately Sam still had to go to work though, we'll put an end to that by next Halloween. Anyway, let's start off by mentioning our costumes. It was Bella's idea that she wanted to be "Koopa Troopa" from her super Mario Nintendo DS game. It was amazing that Bella made her costume herself!! We didnt pick out the clothes for her or anything. She was saying "I can wear green leggings for my legs".... "I can wear a yellow shirt".. "I can wear my green shoes for feet"... "I just need a green hat for my head"... etc. She put this outfit together herself. Since she was gonna be "Koopa Troopa", she wanted me to dress up like Luigi. No problem, got my outfit at wal-mart.

This is Luigi and Koopa Troopa
I am Luigi (I walked around with my plunger too)
This is the Koopa Troopa that Bella wanted to recreate.
We stopped by Chili's to see Sam at work before we went trick-or-treating. Sam picked out a little boy's Batman costume to wear to work.... so she could say stuff like, "JUSTICE!!... with a side order of baby back ribs!"
Sam put on the final touches to Bella's costume. Unfortunately we couldnt find a green or yellow beanie anywhere! So, we spray painted her head green.

Bella was the one who found this turtle shell backpack at Goodwill.
Turtle feet
So we went off to trick-or-treat around Waipio gentry. We met up with Sam's brothers and Bella's cousins.
Here's Bronson riding a bull!

Little Camden as 'Thomas the Train'

Brennan as 'Bumblebee'
"Wanna see me transform?"... insert little kid transforming sound effects.

Get your candy time

Bella was very excited to get home and sort through her candy, this was always my favorite part too. She got a lot of good stuff, some full size candy bars, some popcorn bags, some twizzlers, lollipops, and a junkload of junkfood, haha.

Boo ya.