Studio session, take 2

So guess what?! After that last photo session me and chris had in the studio, Chris broke the bad news to me that all 3 of his rolls of film didnt come out!! WHAAAT!!? Dang, so we felt obligated to re-shoot everything, and by 'everything' I mean me and him taking off our shirts and putting a camera in front of us. At least this time we had the extra company of chris's classmate, Brent.
I think we figured out a pretty good lighting set-up now. All we need now are some old wrinkley ladies, or maybe some puppies, and we can get a legit photoshoot going! Well, here's the pictures from another 4:00am shoot in the studio.

Chris (with his clothes still on)
Jump test (van Halen was playing on the radio)
Hahaha, what are we doing here?!! And why does Chris have his shirt off?... he's not even in front of the camera. ha.
"Bunny in motion"
Brent rabbit
Brent in Hare
"Get out of my shot!!"
"Cro Magnum"
"The most beautiful butterfly in the world"
"I'm with Stupid -->"
Flamingo Statue pose
"No explanation"
Chris's Projector project
My shorts are nice

"That Kid's back on the Escalator"
Up the spine

"Back Street"
"Hand puppets"
"Hey down there"
"Tattoo College across your heart"
We took a bathroom break, we walked pass these lockers. I almost didnt see the lockers (because of the camoflauge, get it?!)
I used the one on the right, and my shoes got wet

When we got back from the bathroom, things just got a little more ridiculous.
at least the lighting is good right?
You know its good luck if I land on your face...
I was taking pictures of some negatives that chris developed. We wanted to make sure his pictures came out this time.
This is me
This is brent, maybe the best picture of all time.
I'm being a little "negative" (you see what I did there?)
"I cant wait to be positive"

so thats that.
blog on it.