"Culture Shock" art show at Prototype

I stopped by the "Culture Shock" art show tonight at Prototype in Pearlridge. I only got to hang out for a while before Bella reminded me that she had a sleepover tonight, so I had to get her home. Some very nice art provided by 'Newkon', 'CKaweeks', and 'Pancho'. The artists were on hand signing everything from custom munny's to black books. Good times.

Prototype in Pearlridge
Pancho gettin some doodles done
Pancho Prints
HaynMade was there (pictured on the right with no head)
Bella enjoying some paintings... M.B. in the background

Ckaweeks stuff

CKaweeks and Newkon tag team some customer satisfaction
Pancho mini-munny
Bella wanted to test her luck with the "Yummy Breakfast" keychain blindbox. she wanted the strawberry.....
..but got the Waffle. (middle finger maybe subliminal reaction)

ya good stuffs.