How I Got Here. Old photo scans

I was bored today, and it was a windy. A perfect day to let Bella relax on the couch and watch 'Tom & Jerry'. While we were hanging out, I decided I would take a look through my old picture albums, something I recommend doing at least once every other month. The great memories started pouring back into my mind. I realized some important things like, I have the best friends in the world, I have the best family in the world, I used to live like a bum, I need a time machine, and "I still have that shirt!?"
I went through my old family albums, and some albums i've put together over the years with my first film camera. I wish I could show you guys all the pictures, but scanning takes a long time. Here are some;

PANAMA: The bass fishing is good!... My sister never wore a shirt.... and we all have already mastered the Filipino Squat.

I think this is 8th grade. I still have the same friends (FYI, 8th grade was 17 years ago). Also, cameron looks exactly the same still.
I started surfing around 10th grade. This was one of the first shortboards I ever used. I went from my 7'11" mini-longboard to this 6'3" ride. I think this is the board I almost killed myself on trying to surf 6-8ft. Haleiwa a year later (I think Alden and Jake might remember that day).
So this is how mature I got my Senior year in high school. Off to a bright future!
haha, you remember the show on MTv, "The Grind"?. Yeah, this is when they were taping 'the Grind' in Hawaii. We got to be on the show because we were all super handsome, you can totally tell we must of got a lot of 'air time' wearing these super cool outfits. (this was about 12 years ago)
Inside my Vanagon.. how I miss you! This was our lives pretty much. Riding in the van with no brakes, back and forth to 'Savers'.
Our first apartment!! 906 Ala Nioi street, Salt lake shitty. Not a single square foot of wall space empty, and a fully spray paint decorated carpet. And all the furniture was found on the street in front of the apartment building. This is how healthy adults start off their lives.
Our first Family Christmas photo in apt.906.
Our second apartment. Liliha, a block away from the bakery. Still, not a single square foot of wall space left empty. Ghetto-ville, where people would steal our old clothes off of the laundry clothes line. Me and Sam pictured on the outer part of the couch. I realized I am wearing red nail polish in this photo, and yes I still have that shirt (and wear it constantly).
this was a cool find in my shoebox. I found the flyer for our first show. Our band "Contra" was pretty awesome (well at least 5 people I knew thought so.)
picture from one of our shows at 'Rhythm and Blues'. A very off timed unison jump.
My old Oldsmobile. haha, I remember that "I Love Mullets" sticker on the back left. I ruled back then.
I wish I had more pictures of my VW. May she rest in peace.
and this picture is just ridiculous!! My sister is wearing some type of "shorts", and my brother looks like a Filipino Backstreet boy... myself on the other hand, I look awesome! High tops and a sweet flannel?!! I was way ahead of my time.

Hey, you guys remember this project?? I should put it up somewhere again.

......I cant believe all these photos were taken with a film camera. Pictures are truly timeless.