Sam Flores "Kid Dragon" figure. I got mail

I got mail... big mail!

We received four big boxes from the store 'Upper Playground' earlier this week. I mean these boxes are big.. big enough for Bella to turn them into fake boats to play with after we opened them. I forgot we pre-ordered the new figure designed by Sam Flores, from the Upper Playground store back in July.
Yay! Me and Sam havent bought any toys for so long now (and you guys know how much we love toys), I feel like we've been out of that whole "Urban Vinyl" scene for some time now. Mostly because we dont have the money anymore to buy whatever we want. But we've really loved Sam Flores's stuff for some time now, and we couldnt pass on this one!
And I put it up. Put it on our entertainment center above the TV next to our Blaine Fontana print and our custom Labbit's. I like.

I like Sam Flores toys because they translate well from his art. Yeah, you can tell these are from the same artist that designed the toy yes?

... and if any of you out there can help me get these other colorways... lemme know!! chowder.
...especially this one! kapow!

adios amigos