Isabella gets Kudos

This morning we went to Kipapa Elementary for an assembly!! Isabella was being given an award, a "Good Citizens Award." The best part about these awards is the fact that the classmates vote for the winner in each class, not the teacher. I figured if I was in first grade I would just vote for myself all the time. We are so proud of Bella for winning another award this year, last year she won a Good Citizen Award for "Fairness". She must be the coolest kid in class ;) Anyway, after the passing out of the awards, all the 1st Graders got together to sing a song about the USA. Neat.

The kids are gathering, I remember having to carry your own chair from class to the assembly.
The parent sitting next to us was shooting a Nikon too (D90)
Bella sitting in the 'presidents box' with all the other winners.
.. uh oh! I think she's been dipping into Kingsley's Diazepam medicine.
Bella's cousin, Brennan, was in the house! He has Bella's kindergartner teacher from last year.
remember this lady??? wasnt she a teacher at Pearl City??.. now she is teaching our kids.
..In line, just like graduation
"Here is your laminated certificate of awesomeness"
all the kids went crazy when they called Bella's name!
"Bella forever!!"
1st Grade song.. something like "Thanks U.S.A."

she saw me taking pictures from the back... she's already practicing her "Dad, you're embarrassing me" look.
In a sea of millions, she's the only one who rules my world.
Assembly over, gotta go back to class Brennan.
He was literally high step marching with his chair (and he was the only one.) too funny
Grandma came out to support Bella too
"Dad, I am so cool"
Bella and grandma
after the assembly all the other kids had to go back to class, but we got to go to the VIP room (cafeteria) for some juice and treats.

They gave Bella a whole bunch of stuff with her award, this thing was cool right here. Its a Pencil Case made out of recycled capri-sun juice bags.
she was also proud of this USA pencil
ciao Bella

school night night.