Projector Photos

A few nights ago me and Chris went out to town to take some photos. We started early (10pm) and ended up finishing up at like 4:00 am or something, I dont know what takes so long. Anyway, we borrowed a generator from Keli'i so we could have power anywhere we wanted. This was great because we wanted to use Chris's projector to project images onto various buildings around town. Set-up was kind of a hassle, and the generator was pretty loud, but I'd say it was worth it. Some fun experimentation, and we didnt get busted by police which is always awesome. It's like putting up temporary graffiti on a large scale. I've got some pretty good ideas for next time. It involves pictures of naked ladies maybe.

Our first stop was on the top of Waialae by 12th ave.

me behind chris's Pentax. Chris was shooting 100 speed film which was fun, only thing was that each exposure for his camera took about 2 minutes, so it took like 5 minutes for each picture including the set-up and stuff.
Powered up. Lights from Cars passing by on the street.
First projected image test.
next one.
... two drunk cocaine heads stopped by and bothered us for a bit. They thought we were filming for Olelo. Ridiculous. We made them stand still for 5 minutes at a time, it was funny. Then one of the guys offered me cocaine. Really ridiculous.
next stop (not zippy's) this place a church? I have no idea

.. I found this guy, he was so tired. He must of been too tired to drive his BMW home to his Kahala mansion. This hallway was pretty luxurious though.
Hat Man projection with a ghostly Chris on the lawn
Smoke Break Ladies
Chris and ladies.
then I threw up some of my old images onto the wall.
Tiger Bella
Brent Hare
.. then B&W'd and Inverted. (to make Brent positive)
LEGO wedding Chapel.
Backside Flip through the window
this was a photo of a house fire I took a while ago. It looked cool projected onto the wall. looked like Hell on a building.
next stop, Chinatown.
The Business Intersection
.. we got hassled from this security guard (the blurry figure walking.) He said we needed a permit to take a picture of "his" building. so dumb. Easy solution, we turned the projector onto the building across the street.
crosswalk (also, Chris is in this picture, can you find him?)
crosswalk and cars.
Those surfers are Chris, Bronson, and me. We are surfing a new surf spot in town, its called "On the wall" (get it?.. .north shore has "Off the wall"... chinatown has this one. It's literally On the Wall.)
Opposite sides of the street
last stop, "971 Nowhere Street"
I brought out my long forgotten 'lensbaby' again.
Distinguished Visitor
Kyle's Automotive

Creee and puddle reflection.

Here's what we did all night.

made you look.