Behind the Scenes. Prototype Commercial

Friday, after I shot some family portraits at the beach, I met up with my "Kai Media" homies in chinatown to see if they needed any help filming the commercial they are working on. They are making a commercial for the store "Prototype", a sweet 30 second "lifestyle" spot. I was late for some early filming, but got there just in time for some A'ala park skateboarding.
Check out a few;
Larry, one of the actors (and he does his own stunts!!)
Backside radtastic stunt!

A post about Chinatown wouldnt be complete without having a picture of some crazy person. This one in particular had some 'chinese fighting' fish in her mouth-held aquarium. Lunch I presume.

you guys havent heard about our new gang?! The "K.K.K"... the Ku Klux Kamera gang baby!
5 camera action (if you count mine)
Chris's Pentax 76
Nicole, she be at the Pearlridge Prototype store. She brought some killer gear too!

... I showed up late to the shot.
Chris likes to peep on little boys with tight jeans
He also likes to make a pinhole on your face. "nice box" Chris.

the last shot of the day, this kid was getting "Beamed up"

look for the commercial somewhere soon.

:EDIT: the video was finished the same day.. Check it out, Kai Media is amazing.

Prototype Hawaii | Commercial from KAIMEDIA on Vimeo.