Ryan and Sarah's Wedding Day. July 10th, 2010

Ryan was nice enough to get married on my 5 year wedding anniversary, thanks Ryan. So July 10th, I was in California with my best friends celebrating a very special day with Ryan and Sarah. The wedding was awesome, I had a great trip, and it was awesome to be on vacation with my friends. I was not the 'official' wedding photographer, but I did bring my camera and passed it around so people could take pictures. I was one of Ryan's groomsman, I should of been the best man I think (because Chad's speech was lame, haha just kidding.) Well here are the pictures from the wedding in Laguna.

We started the morning off correct with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label, provided by the exquisite Sammy, thanks!
Ryan was smart and booked all his groomsman into a hotel nearby the wedding. That way at least he'd be sure we'd all be there for his special day. If you know us, then you know that counting on us to show up on time for something special is a desperate act.
Chad helping Ryan get fancy
oh yes, the elevator ride. We got stuck in the elevator between the 1st and 2nd floor, heading down to catch our limo ride to the Wedding. We were stuck in the elevator for over 30 minutes!! It got hot in there, and I think someone touched my butt.

Oliver was trying to find the secret hatch from "Lost"

We had to call the fire department to help us get out

Luckily we weren't late for the wedding.
We had a few moments to take a few pics at the hotel before heading over to the wedding.

Post-ceremony. Pre-reception

Reception time.

I dunno. I guess the speech was okay, besides the fact that Chad said that "John Hook's wedding meant nothing to me"
Into the night...

Shane has a sore back.

So yeah. That was the end of my trip. It really was amazing. I can't wait till the guys get back together for something else special.... who's next to get married!!? haha.

The next afternoon, we were headed back to Hawaii. We had a great view chasing the sun, heading west.
Out the window of seat 34 E

Over the Clouds over the Sea.

goodbye California

Ryans Wedding Trip. Rehearsal. Hotel living

A few days before the wedding, we headed down to Laguna. We had the rehearsal for the wedding, then the rehearsal dinner. We stayed at a hotel nearby so we could be close to the action. Here are some photos from the last few days before the wedding.
This is the location of the wedding.

The wedding is gonna be out on that lookout/patio cliff thing.

Sarah's Dad, Ray

Rehearsal time.

Sarah even had a fake bouquet... a "faux-quet" if you will.
practicing the best part..

Then we headed across the street to enjoy a nice dinner.

oh yes. The hotel we stayed at, Ayres Hotel. It was a pretty cool place. It had a weird decor though, kinda reminded me of the hotel from the movie 'The Shining'.

I always thought i saw some spooky kids at the end of the hall...

here are the spooky kids

We stayed up late the night before the wedding. I know I promised Sarah that I would have the guys in bed at a reasonable time, but they kept forcing me to take whisky shots...

I tried to get in bed early, but I eventually got butt sexed by naked ryan, and had ice thrown in the bed from someone... i dunno.
Might of been Chris. But you know him as Stephen Baldwin from The Usual Suspects...

Chad is too couture for this wedding.
Oh, we also went to a sushi place right next to the hotel.. We got rude.

passed some inappropriate notes on napkins around on those floaty boat things.