Trippin' for Ryan's Wedding. Day 5. Newport, riding bikes

Thursday. Ryan had to do some wedding chores, so the rest of us had fun without him. We hit up Newport beach. We chillaxed.
We left Ryan's house, and the flowers in his neighbor's yard.

walk on beach

We checked out 'The Wedge'

Wedge was kinda small... choppy

.. just not today
Hey kid, there's doodoo in there.

starfish guy

i think i already posted this picture

Big Tiny wheel

then we went back to Ryan's and took a nap with the dog
put a sock on his tail
then somehow after the nap me and chad got drunk and decided to take the beach cruisers out on the town. Costa Mexico ghetto ridin' with beers and a pink bike... yeeehaw.
actually this bike ride was one of the funnest things I did in Cali. Me and chad had a good time frolicking and making pretend we were 10 years old again.

ring ring

pass the in-n-out burger mmmmm nom nom
pit stop

spread 'em.