Trippin' for Ryan's Wedding. Day 2. Vegas/ Bus

I'm back from California (in real life), but in blog life, i'm still on day 2. The second day (saturday) we were in California, we woke up hung over, and we packed our bags for Vegas. We rented a "party bus" to take all of us to vegas. A Party Bus is exactly what it sounds like, you pay a driver and rent a bus, then you fuck it up while it's on the road. We got to Vegas drunk and safe in about 4 hours. Vegas was hot, I lost at gambling (what a surprise), Chad lost his wallet (twice), Ryan kept his shirt on most of time, Kelley met up with us, and we had a good time. pics
The bus was pretty big.. I think there was a little less than 30 people on board
world cup, ryan, tj, and chad

pit stop
Ryan... he didnt have this money on the way back from Vegas

"Dance pole" included
Mooning other road travelers (it's very mature, I know)
The Bachelor and Bachelorette
We got to vegas Saturday afternoon. The dudes stayed at Hard Rock, the girls stayed somewhere else.

"Rehab" Pool party at the Hard Rock. Sperm manifestation party

Kelley hung out and grappled with Oli

Leave Vegas. now broke
shane self-detoxing

The drive back was only 1,000 hours in traffic..
but the partying continues the whole way

another pit stop
that's exactly why the pole is there

Co-pilot for a bit..

Goodbye Vegas, I still and will always hate you.