Trippin' for Ryan's Wedding. Day 6. SAILING

On friday we had time to go sailing. Ryan didn't come, too bad. Our new buddy Chris took us out on the boat. Actually this same morning Chris took me and shane surfing at Trestles. I don't have any pics from Trestles, but it was pretty good. It was super cold, and me and shane were the only ones in the water (out of 100 guys) without wetsuits on. So yeah, that was before we went sailing.
I made sure I wore by Sailing shirt ( it's a t-shirt that's easily identifiable from a helicopter, let's say... if I was floating in the ocean by myself, safety first.) We brought our Bloody Mary's onboard and we were all set. We saw a Sunfish, some dolphins, some sealions, and didn't get lost, so it was a great day. Here;

Shane's sailing outfit was wrong. I think he thought we were going Ninja sailing.
It's mandatory to do the "Land Ho!!" pose when you are sailing a boat and someone's taking a picture...
Getting the sails up, out to sea we go
Oliver helped, and I helped by taking pictures of that

I'm on a boat
Oliver got that "I Heart Black Girls" shirt that day from the local goodwill. I'm sure the person who owned it before him was an avid sailor as well...

I navigated for a little bit. I did it more for the picture, then I was too tired and wanted to sit down and drink my Bloody Mary..
Oliver took control for a while, he caught the wind in the sails well.

It was another overcast day
Here's the only picture I got of the Sunfish... it popped a fin out, but I missed it...
If you don't know, this is what a sunfish is... the one we saw was smaller than this one I think...
Also some dolphins cruised with us for a while. They got close to the boat, and actually swam under the boat.
I'm pretty sure my aquatic terminology is correct when I describe this... "we saw a wild pack of dolphins swimming in the water"

Cpt. Knuckles
there's a bathroom on board, but pee-ing off the front is way more romantic.
also, it's hilarious when your friend pees off the front, then you turn the boat into the wind, so he pee's all over his legs. hilarious right.

Shanes' Nautica ad moment.

also a mandatory Sailing/photo pose

..and another
Finally, before we headed back to land, I promised myself i'd jump into the freezing ocean. I did.

It was cold, very cold. A little scary, but very satisfying