Trippin' for Ryan's Wedding. Day 3. Hunington beach

The day after we got back from Vegas we hung around Ryan's house, which is close to Hunington Beach. I think i've been to Hunington beach before, I forget. We just cruised around the pier and killed time. Ryan still felt a bit hung over from Vegas, so we called it an early evening.
One of the reasons Ryan might of still felt hung over... when we got off of the party bus, him, sarah, talon, and chad played 'Edward 40 hands' at the house
Also the next morning me and Ryan got up early in the morning to drive my sister up to LAX.
so anyway.. in the afternoon, Jake met up with us and we headed over to Hunington

On Main Street

summer strawberries
The pier

Surfed looked alright

Jake tells us a story about a baby that fell off of the pier, no joke.

Romantic walks
more surf

This dude made pretend he was gonna jump off, he thought about it for 30 minutes while all the kids on the pier teased him

Performers on Main st.

we go home

hunington flare