Trippin' for Ryan's wedding. Day 1

I'm in California right now, Costa Mesa to be exact. My good friend, Ryan, is getting married this weekend (to the ever so wonderful, Sarah.) Me and the rest of the crew flew up a week early so we could hang out with Ryan before the wedding and join in on the bachelor festivities in Las Vegas. We got in Friday afternoon, here are the pics from our first day here in California hanging out at Ryan's house.
Chad is a terrible travel partner
BBQ at Ryan's.

relax 11 0z. at a time

... with the best tan lines i've ever seen
"I'm in your shower!!"
im dark
dancer in the dark
Ryan and Sarah
Chad. Yes, the guy who wears t-shirt tuxedo's to every occasion 

Charley the dog
Don't fuck with Charley the dog
... lead to manly displays of affection

My sister and Jakey Snakey are here too
and chad and shane get back to business
being in love
hep B

and the final hose down from Ryan.  Time to get some rest for the bus ride to vegas tomorrow.
for now...