E-session. Dulce+Bronson. Best friends (High-five)

I shot an engagement session a while ago, how long ago?.. well, now Dulce and Bronson are married. I'm late to the blog party on this one.
Anyway, this shoot was so fun. Dulce and Bronson wanted an 'Aloha Vintage' feel for the E-session, so it would match their wedding at Aloha Tower. Bronson brought his child to the shoot, yes his 1966 Lincoln Continental, HIYA! buggah so mean dat car. We did some fun stuff with the car, then hung around Aloha Tower for a bit.
Dulce and Bronson had their wedding about a month after we took the engagement photos. Their wedding was absolutely amazing, I was bummed I wasn't the photographer for the wedding, but I was still there as a Videographer shooting video with Kai Media ;) check the wedding highlight video at the bottom!

Check this video out!!