Saturday night to "Stage"

I went out once this weekend, I went out with friends, so all was good. We went to "Stage" which you know is in the Design Center by Ala Moana, im sure there were better places to go on a saturday night, but whatever, i'll do whatever the driver wants to.

I knew I was in for a real treat when I got a stamp that said "PLEASURE LOUNGE".. oh yes, the douche bags are here.
I wanted to fit in of course, so I got a Heineken light and got in fights all night. I also talked about my racecar and UFC. ... "Go bows!!"
I told you I have friends, what i didnt mention before was that we are soooo gorgeous.
It was a good night to wear my custom shoes outside.

This is "the new dance"... this white girl was teaching me that it's her party and she'll dance if she wants to.

"Stage" is a funny place because you can rest your drink on a $750 table and nobody gives a hoot.

I brought my camera into the bathroom because the first time I went in there, the old guy who hoards all the paper towels and then sells them back to you for "tips" was eyeballing me from around the corner. So this time I was hoping to get him on tape watching me like the Geico stack of money...

After "Stage" we went to zippys for some 3:00am food. Korean style fried chicken FTW.

.... Orange Bang, some yummy hydration.