Ke'eaumoku photos / Manual focus session

Another mini photo shoot with chris. This time we met up at the Wal-mart by ala moana and decided to just walk up and down Ke'eaumoku and shoot whatever looked cool. For a little variety in my day, I shot all my pictures using manual focus. Most of the shots were with my fixed 50mm. Yaya.

Check out this new camera Chris just bought!! G-damn ginormous pentax film camera with wood handle, he doesnt have a lens for it yet though.

also at wal-mart they have an escalator for your shopping cart... i wanna ride
blurry on purpose o.k.


"self-portrait crosswalker"
"up to 'Happy Ending"
"Get a grip"
"2 X 2"
i made his head disappear
"Cree street"
"featured from top to bottom: Yellow, purple, green, and blue"
Chris took over on my camera so he could get some digital images of me.. i really like the ones he took of me.

"Neon lens"
"Neon sign"
"Mickey's clubhouse" (for bum's)
"C R"

and that was that. this where we also ran into the street Nostradamus who told us the meaning of life.