Such random things.

All random pictures from the past month, put here for no reason.

1st - Check out chris's new camera. Pentax auto110. shoots on that old school 110 film. This has to be the smallest film camera i've seen in a long time.
This is what a picture looks like from that camera;
2nd - its just funny to see the words "DOGS POOP" on a sign.

3rd - I wanna shoot something interesting here, a model or something maybe.
... something a little more interesting than my little brother-in-law.

4th - Leonard's Malasadas!!! mmmm delicious.. I rank Original flavor the best, Li hing second best, and cinnamon 3rd best. also, Malasadas are 90% junk after the first 2 hours... gotta eat them immediately.
Micronesian to da max.

5th - Pretty hypocritical right?! This guy has a "NO FAT CHICKS" and a "I HEART FAT CHICKS" sticker on his car... make up your mind dude.

lastly- I've been wearing cut-offs everyday now for the past month.
adios amigos