Wednesday is a half day.

Wednesday is a half day, a half day of school for Bella, a half day of surfing for me, and the waves were half the size as yesterday. We hit up Polie's again, third day in a row. What can i say, it's been really good so far this past few months. We put in a relatively quick session, so we could save energy for the bigger waves this weekend. The waves were as good as always, a little small, but super super clean conditions. It was a pretty big crowd again, but at least it was a good crowd. I knew everyone's name that was out in the water. It's been a while since i've seen some of the familiar faces like Jimmy, Grant, and Baron to name a few. Good times, though I think next time i'm gonna wait till 11:00am to paddle out, while everyone is coming in. When I left today, everyone left at the same time, leaving the waves empty again. Good times on a wednesday.

It looks like Pat has an Afro in this picture.
whoop whoop
Git 'em tiger

I took this picture of Kalani Robb a second late... my camera is not so quick sometimes.
haha, i found this slipper floating on the outside. One left 'Reef' sandal... just my size too. I was going to try and surf with it on, but it was super hard to paddle with it on my foot, it created too much 'drag.'
Video here.. its a pretty quick video. I put the camera away for most of the session... because you guys have seen enough footage of Polie's this week to last you all season. ;)

Some rain coming over the mountains onto the countryside.
still glassy on the way in. Love this place.