Camping recap (all awesomeness included)

What an incredible weekend!! This past friday and saturday I met up with Pat and his family up at camp Mokuleia. They rented the camp grounds near the beach, and invited all there friends to come along and join in on the camping fun. I havent seen Pat's entire family together since we used to be in high school and him and all his sisters all lived in the same house with their parents. 12 years later, mostly everyone has there own kids, it was the first time I met Pat's newest kid, his daughter Emily. It was cool to see Pat as the father figure he is now, wife and 3 kids.. awesome job Pat. We scored some super fun surf this weekend too, which was an unexpected surprise. 2 foot left handers breaking 100 yards behind our tents, super badass. Here are the pictures from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning.

When we showed up Friday afternoon, Pat's mom and dad were already getting dinner ready for everyone. Some wonderful BBQ beachness.
We had the camp site closest to the surf, which was awesome.
Friday evening, it looked pretty fun. The swell was on the way up and the winds were on the way down. Unfortunately I didnt get to jump in the water and take over the empty surf, I had to set up my tent before the sun went down... oh well, tomorrow morning we got first dibs.
We set up our new tent just in time. It was easier than expected to set up, the tent was pretty awesome, it was plenty big and it came with a little "closet" section to hold all our junk food.
The first night we were there we saw some wildlife...
Friday night, Sam's brother was taking his family fishing out at the Haleiwa harbor, so we drove down the road to meet up with him and drop a few lines.
The kids caught bait..
After fishing, we went back to the camp site so we could get down and busy on the campfire. Bella roasted her share of marshmellows.
I like mine nice and crispy and gooey on the inside
The first night, Pat's dad scored with his fishing pole. I dont fish, so I cant tell you what kind of fish this is, but it was pretty awesome to see him catch it.
some more action came in at about 11:00pm... everyone's bell was ringing on there fishing poles. fun stuff for them

Saturday Morning!!!!
so yeah, we slept in a bit too long on saturday morning, i actually wanted to be up before sunrise to get surfing before the sun came up. Not bad timing though.
everyone else was still sleeping...
Saturday Morning surf check..... Looks good!!
I brought my waterproof 'point&shoot' out so I could get some wave footage. We got into the water at about 7:00 am i think, the waves were VERY fun.
nice glassy morning

Pat got some fun ones, i did too.

the normal locals were out, so the crowd was mellow... even T&C Mark S. was out..

Here's some surfing footage from Saturday Morning... It's kind of hard to get good wave footage while trying to rip up a wave at the same time..

Pat continues to smash up some fun lefts...
Mark again
Pat boost
Last wave in!... Time for breakfast!!
After the saturday surf session, we had a great breakfast and hung around the beach with our kids. I went back home saturday afternoon to take care of some stuff, Sam had to go to work, and Bella wanted to hang out with grandma. So I came back in the evening with Chris.
Saturday Evening
I came back to the camp at about 5:50pm... Alden was here. He was exhausted, from the hike they all did in the mountains while I was gone.

Saturday Evening surf check... looks good again!!
There were 2 people out when we looked, then as soon as we started to paddle out, they all came in and gave us completely empty surf all to ourselves.
Crestallion joins the camp session
I had to wake pat up from his nap, exhausted from his hike.
Pat and Emily
Getting late, time to jump in the water!

Alden took over my camera, he got some great shots of us surfing from the comfort of our tent.

Why surf anywhere else? when you can surf fun fun fun waves with nobody out but your friends.

The wind was kind of on it, but it made for super soft lip. Perfect for slashing and bouncing off the top.

This is me following Pat with my waterproof camera.. look below for the actual footage.

Bronson scored all the waves he needed on the inside. he's getting pretty good!
Here is the surf video footage from Saturday evening. I'm no Taylor Steele, so deal with it. What a great session though. Just Bronson, me, Pat, and chris out.

Chris has a nice silhouette.
these are all the pictures from my waterproof camera..

this wave should of been yours.
a mountain eclipsing the sun.

just enough time to squeeze in a few more waves.

Bronson again
chris (sorry to be regular foot)
I was following pat again with my camera
The moon was out, it was time to go in for some dinner!!
While we were surfing, Pat's dad was picking more fish out of the ocean..

Saturday night.. a beautiful night.

Card games.

Cam and Jac stopped by as well. (they brought a costco size bottle of rum).. yo ho ho. More card games and beer as the night grew long.
I have no idea how to play "trumps", so I just watched. I'm more of a "52 card pick-up" kind of guy.
Pat's dad smokes only the finest cigars..
is green time
We got pretty tired around midnight, so we headed into my tent. I planned to wake up early tomorrow to surf again..
Since Sam didnt come camping saturday night, tha crestallion kept me good company.
"I pitched a big tent"

Sunday Morning!
another beautiful day of course...
I was awaken by the early sunlight falling on my tent...
6:10 am

Let's have a little look at the Sunday surf....
.... it is good again!
There were zero people out the whole hour I looked at it, waiting for everyone else to wake up. We ended up getting into the water about 7:00. It was pretty fun (I didnt bring my waterproof camera out this time) the waves were good, but went into a flat spell for about an hour. Overall another fun session.
After our early sunday surf session, we went in for some breakfast and watermelon slices. I had to pack up my tent quickly so I could get to a birthday party. Amazingly I got my tent to fit back into the bag it was originally in. Why is packing up so much harder then unpacking?? anyway, before we left the camp I took another picture of the surf. It looked like it got a little better. by the time I left there was zero people out, and it looked like the tide improved the waves a bit. But i must say goodbye for now.
One last glimpse of the camp site

Till next time... keep on truckin'