Bella goes "under the gun"

This wasn't my idea. Bella bought one of those temporary tattoos from the 50cent machine at wal-mart like 2 months ago. Since then she's been begging me, "can you put my tattoo on? can you please put on my tattoo!!" So we finally got around to it today.
She was the one who wanted to put it on her chest, it probably wouldnt fit any where else on her body anyway. By the way, the tattoo she got was of ''The Grim Reaper", haha.

Some of these pictures are of a bare chested 6 year old. I think this is still socially except-able right?? haha, she'll thank me later. Damn, my kid is rad.

"Don't fear the Reaper"!!
"I'm in the coolest 1st Grader gang ever..."
"I rule the schooooool!!"
"Thug life"
"dang, I already regret this tattoo"
Here's the video process... at the end I told her to give the camera her "Punk rock attitude"