I am Legend

Sunday night, Sam and I went to the John Legend concert at blaisdell thanks to the free tickets provided by Cameron. Before the show we had a nice dinner at Dave & Busters then walked over to the blaisdell from there.

Funny thing happened at D&B's... they didnt want to serve me alcohol because they thought my drivers' license was fake!! The manager came to my table and said "you can have dinner, but I cant serve you any liquor with this I.D."... After I showed our server my other driver's license's and explained why it's so ridiculous, they made copies of them... emailed "Corporate" and then finally gave me my margarita.

The concert was pretty good. I'm not a big John Legend fan or anything, so I only recognized like 4 of the songs he played. Sam liked the show a lot. Our free seats were almost the last row in the balcony... which didnt matter to me much. Besides, if there is nobody sitting behind you, then nobody can see when you take your pants off... which i did of course. Hey, John Legend has a seductive voice...
... my pants are off right now.

believe it or not... a mosh pit started when he started to play "save room".. the place went ballistic, like a NOFX show or something..
John Legend wears tight black pants....
... I wear tight black pants... we SOOOO got it on.

We double dated with Alden and Masen. Alden must really like John Legend because he was on his feet dancing the whole time. He knew all the words to every song and he kept screaming "IM PREGNANT with your baby!!!" the whole time.
At one point in the show, John Legend took a lucky member from the audience on stage to dance with him.... it was me that got picked!!!! I changed into my mini-skirt and got on stage with him and tried to steal his wallet out of his back pocket...
... then he was totally grinding up on me.. I "lei'd" him and then finally got my fat ass off the stage.
"Green light" right

"Hana Hou!!"

let the good times roll....