Timing is everything, Tuesday.

Tuesday, the crowd cometh. I surfed mokuleia with Pat and for once in a long time, Brandon Hamada (just like high school V-land times). Anyway as soon as I pulled up to the spot Kalani Robb was coming out (that guy is pretty local out there now), anyway he said the waves were good so we hit it up. I have never seen Polie's that crowded before!!! The waves were soooo good, but when we got out there must of been 13 guys out. All the normal locals were out so that was expected, i just never expected all the normal locals to be out all at one time. The waves were super killer though, so we toughed it out and outsurfed everyone. Everyone finally went in around 11:30, so we stayed out another hour after that, just me, Pat, and Brandon. My freakin arms are gone!

slightly overhead fliptastic lefts all day...
crowded (for a secret spot)

the walls were perfect for any goofy footer.
Pathrick looking tanned as ever.
While the crowd was kind of hectic, I paddled over to the next break over "Pohn's"... yeah it's named after me and Pat, get it. Anyway, I surfed all by myself over there practicing my backside for once.
The lefts werent too bad over there either...

After all the people went in, I paddled back over to Polie's and turned it on with Pat and Brandon. The waves were still good, I was just super tired by then (3 1/2 hours after I first got in the water.)

Fortunately the waves came right to us, so all you had to do was turn around, stand up, and shred.
Video... I'm like Taylor Steele already.

When I was coming in, I saw a turtle swimming around on the inside. I followed him for a bit and took a few pictures.

I cant see through the viewfinder underwater, so I cropped off his head in a lot of the pictures.

So long Farewell.