Taking Back Thursday Seems Forever.

Friday I went to see "Taking Back Sunday"... which sometimes I get confused with "Thursday", well not really, I just wanted to name 3 days in one sentence.

I got a "Front stage pass" (which is like 100% better than a backstage pass) from Cameron. So I could go see there small acoustic set at the "Roadrunner music hall" in the Clear Channel building.
To tell you the truth, I didnt even know there was going to be a band playing... cameron just told me that he knows about this place by his office that gives away free sandwiches and wraps, so I went.
Since they were only playing a quick acoustic set, they didnt bring up their fat guy guitarist or their drummer.
They kept everyone entertained between songs, taking questions and making small talk with audience members. I was the one who asked "Can you guys play that song 'What's my age again'?.. that's like my total favoritest song from you guys!!"...
... most interesting part of the show, this kid right here. The 1 year old baby wearing "ear muffs" over his ears. Actually I think this was Adam's (lead singer) child... I dunno, unless he has two kids, because as you all know, I'm pregnant with his child too.
Here's a quick video of what I mean.. this kid was totally in the vibe.

Yeah yeah, that was most of it. They are very good live. I'm sure the show was good too that night at Pipeline cafe.