Sufing "Pipeline" ... Tube time.

Big Friday. Me, Pat, Alden and his brother Brandon went searching for awesome surf on Friday. They were calling north shore something like 15 feet, and westside 6 foot. We figured we'd give old "Tracks" a shot, and drove down there to check it out. It was pretty good, but uber-crowded. It didnt seem like the swell was as big as they were calling it, so we took my 4X4 monster truck Jetta around Ka'ena point so we could check north shore. We got to Pipeline, and it was only like 10 feet... so we totally surfed it.

ah, good ol' "Tracks". I used to love this place, quick paddle out, great conditions with normal tradewinds, good lefts, and you got your car broken into at least once a year... good ol' tracks.
when we pulled up, this white truck was stuck in the sand (another positive reason to surf Tracks.) He was spinning all of his wheels and spitting sand all over the place, somebody finally towed him out with a rope.
inconsistent a bit. After we saw these waves, we knew we would be surfing Pipeline later.
Surfer "Barbie" rolled up in her pink S.U.V. barbie-mobile. She paddled out and caught the biggest bomb of the day.
Here she goes... racing down the line, wasting the wave, doing zero maneuvers just like any girl always does.. :) (just kidding ladies.)
Oh yeah baby!! 5 guys per 2 ft. wave, that's what I like to see. "Party waves"
the water is real nice though on the westside. These boogie-boo's are totally shredding it up.
Barbie about to waste another wave. Please note the fact that she's not looking if anyone is going already... she was planning on dropping in no matter what.
.. took a look at "Acid drops" too, but there was only 1 wave per set, and there was already a SUP out there already... i'm SURE he was willing to share, but I didnt want to take my chances.
one last look before we headed around the coast to check out Da' Country...
... yeah, small kine too crowded for me. (counted 22 people in this picture, and 2 waves every 15 minutes.) the odds are not in your favor.

... so we drove to Ehukai... here you can see all the photographers trying to get their shots for the surfer magazines. A lot of pro's were out.
Here's a picture of Pat, he was surfing 2nd reef Pipe for most of the time. He's nutty.
Pat caught this macker bomb at "Backdoor"... if I was judging the wave from the back, i'd have to say this was like 12 feet. (it looks a little smaller from this picture, i know)
Another bomb rolling through "backdoor"... this one cleaned everyone out of the line-up.
Pat riding the foamball from the outer reef, coming to the inside, about to get shacked at Pipe.
Brandon caught the hollowest wave of the day, after he got spit out of the tube he hit a huge frontside snap on the inside section. He was moving so fast, my camera couldnt capture a still picture of him.
Brandon again, this time he was busting an air that carried him all the way past "gums" and he landed at Pupukea... damn!

The video proof that we shredded Pipeline.

so we had our share of waves, lucky for us the "pipeline posse" was cruising on the sand taking a nap.
I named these guys "Pubert and Bernice"...

cheeee hoooo, I can't believe I scored Pipeline that good. Stay tuned, because I think I'm surfing tahiti tomorrow... no actually I'm surfing tahiti right now! I'm blogging from inside the tube at teahupoo! ... "weeeeeee"