Thursday Surfing / FUN

Thursday morning I got fun surf session in at Mokuleia. The new north swell was coming in, and the waves just got better and better while I was out, the wind kind of got on it the last hour I was out, but it was still good. The crowd was good, only 5 guys out at once max, Kalani Robb was out destroying all in front of him. I mean, he's pretty good and all but not as good and as cunning as me. ha. I took some pictures and a lot of video, it's kind of weird when I bring out my camera... because I pretty much spend the whole session filming other people or filming the waves instead of smashing them. I almost get more excited thinking about blogging the waves and showing you guys how good it was rather than actually "surfing" the waves myself, anyway. FUN FUN FUN, should be a great weekend for surf... stay tuned for more.

Kalani Robb...
... yeah, he's pretty good.

Kalani Robb copying my tactics.
... he even switched boards with his friend to prove that it's not the board that makes you a good surfer... it's the wax.
Bronson scored all the waves he wanted, picking up all the leftovers on the inside.
fun feathery lefts...

Video video video

.. coming in. "Jello Arm" syndrome was definitely in effect