Gauge Synchronization

Alright, this was actually harder than it seemed. One day I was driving and I noticed all my dashboard gauges were lined up, the fuel gauge, the oil temp, the speedometer, and the RPM gauge. They were all pointing the same way at the same angle, seemed like a cool occurrence to me so I wanted to take a picture of it. But, I didnt have my camera on me at the time... so I waited till next time. Turns out the dials dont synchronize very often in my car, and when they did, I didnt have my camera on me. Well I finally got it again and took the picture. Now next time you drive, you can stare at your gauges the whole time and see if they all line up perfectly. This will bother you till you take a picture of it too. You need to do this now. You need to obsess over your gauges... line them up! tell your friends.
I also tried to do it in our other car. The only thing different about this car is that it is impossible for all the gauges to point in the same direction (because of the way the gauges are setup.) For this car, I tried to get all the needles even horizontally. I think I got pretty close. Now you try it with your car.
on a side note, dont you think that car dashboard gauges havent evolved much? I mean, its 2009, the age in technology where you can locate your vehicles exact location via satellite on your Iphone, while you're driving! But still, in your automobile it uses a system of analog dials and gears to tell you how fast youre going!? A car is a pretty dangerous device, I think they should at least start using digital speedometer's, I mean there are no numbers on your speedometer between 40mph and 60mph.. just lines. When you look at a glance, all you can tell is that "i'm going as fast as that little line between the two big lines between the numbers 40 & 60"..hmmm. Also, we need some better technology to tell you that something is wrong with your engine, not just illuminating a small L.E.D. that looks like an engine, or lighting up "Check Engine"... what does that mean to me?... nothing, keep driving till it explodes.

Fun with Cars.