Light Painting Round 3 / camp site

Saturday night while we were camping, I got my tripod out and took some more "light painting" pictures. I had the help of chris this time, and some pretty good backgrounds provided by the camp site.

"Everything but..."
It was much harder than I thought to draw a 'campfire' in the dark. I thought it would look neat to use green for the painting, but I think it just made the campfire look like a big onion.
"Green campfire"
It looked more realistic with red color.. (thanks Alden, for really getting into character for this shot)
I wanted to try a different type of tracing to make a figure. This time instead of coloring in the subject, I tried to create the subject with the use of negative space, so I colored around the subject instead of in front.
"Jolly Green"
This one came out pretty cool. It looks like you can see Bronson's details, but really thats the tree and leaves in the background.
"Earn your stripes"
This one worked pretty well.
"Peter Pan"
no figure, just random Light painting.
"Forest Fires"
I tried to make a silhouette of Chris's head... i think next time we need to be closer to the tree, or no tree at all.
"Head and shoulders"
this one worked how i wanted... we painted the tree green, then chris got in front of the tree and I flashed him with red. After the flash his face turned out red, the tree turned orange, and the shadows remained green.
"Tree Colors"
And this is a ridiculous attempt at drawing a fish between two fishing poles.
yay for darkness.