Thank God it's Monday

We are off to a great start to the week! Me, Pat, and Mahea went surfing on monday. We went to our usual mokuleia spot.. the winds were light. It was a little crowded when we first got there, but the crowd thinned out to just us for the last hour of our session. JELLO ARMS strike again!! surfed till we couldnt surf anymore. Here's the scoop.

You know the lefts are hot
... gotta make sure you get a good stretch in first, you dont wanna cramp up after only 3 hours in the water.
Lip smack heaven.
Mahea taking a belly ride on her magic carpet.
After the crowd went in, there were tons of unridden waves passing us by.
Marshmellow time
It's such a good wave to drive down the line and try and boost off of the inside section.. I totally know what i'm talking about. I 'boost' all the time.
Pat bankin'
another empty ducket.
Mahea taking one that came right to her.
not to be outdone, Pat "boogied" this wave up.
back on his feet, testing the strength of his skegs.
inside glide
oh my... nobody on this one!
fling flang.
Kalani Robb trying to copy Pat's move.
a nice open faced wave to make your shredding dreams come true.
back out, wave in, back out, wave in, back out, wave in, rinse repeat.

"Ho brah, I know you not tryin' fo' spray me brah!!"
Video... a long 10 minute video.

the water stayed "Glassy" all day. I think this picture was from 11:00... good times for sure.

take care buddies.