Friday ~ 'Manifest' & 'Apartm3nt'

Friday night, I went out with my dear friends and had some fun. I've been meaning to get to "Maninfest" since they opened, so we did that first. After that we dipped into Apartment 3 and relaxed there. I didnt take too many pictures because I was too busy having fun. It was great to hang out with the friends and see some friendly faces. Good times.

... Manifest is the type of place, for me, that I want to support and give them my money. Justin and Brandon would offer to buy my drinks or food for me, but I said "NO.. i want to pay for this!" Im so happy for them. Everyone, please spend your money here, it's a good do.
I did enjoy sitting by the brick wall and having a beer and checking out the artwork, which happen to be Lucky's amazing stuff. It was a good crowd of people that flowed in and out. Next time, I wanna go in the morning for coffee, hopefully I wont be there because I passed out there the night before.
white boy in da house!!
some absolute awesome things about manifest....
1) ~ They serve my favorite beer, 'wild blue'
2.)~ a clean private bathroom... (a rarity in chinatown.)
and 3.)~ they have some yum easy food available all night. Ham and cheese wrap FTW.

After we cleaned Manifest out of there 'wild blue' beer, we ventured on to Apartment 3 (formerly Aria). Good times as well.
yeah they have the fireplace right.
i found this total heterosexual male just hanging out on a chair... total heterosexual...
boo. the darts were all broken.
pool table was fancy enough though
just 3 dudes sharing a drink.. it's the super new thing to do with your friends, it means you have big 'ding dongs'.

good time everyone. hope I can get out again sometime.