Friday ~ 'Manifest' & 'Apartm3nt' (again)

Friday night, we got a babysitter. Thank you grandma. Anyway we all got together to go to "Manifest" and "Apartment 3" again. Me and Sam also got ourselves a hotel room to stay in, so we didnt have to drive home. It was a good time like always, I guess it's always good when youre with good company.

We started off the night by meeting at Angels house. We started the cheap drinking there. Actually it looks like Fayesha is starting her night off by lifting 5 lbs. blue barbells.
This is a bag of cheerios. Good snack with beer.
After Angels' we all met at "Manifest" in chinatown. I love this place. This night, it was quite hot because there were a lot of people there. There was a fundraiser function going on right before we got there. A place for cool kids.
the Justin and the Cameron
Finally Talon came out with us, been missing this guy for a while now.
Tha Crestallion came over for a while too.

Husband and wife times.
I love my fish-eye lens because I can take pictures like this, and it looks like someone else took it.
... another reason we went out, it was Sam's co-workers birthday. This be Robyn.

who's finger is pointing at Sam?? I know that's not mine... hmmm weird.
Sneakers and Boots (also the name of my cat)
the Shelby!!!
Cameron, double stacked at the moment.
"Hi down there... you must be my genitals"

J.P. doing a pour job.
Bob the builder
Frequent Flyer
my camera was getting into the party mode
me and cam... Cam's drink looks delicious
Drew showed up too!!! here he is with whatever that girl's name is. soon as it touches your lips..
"Fayesha Face"
last shot from "Manifest"... see ya soon.

Next stop, Apartm3nt. They had the fireplace going on which was cool looking, but it didnt help with the temperature in there. It was hot, hot, hot in there!!! tonight this fireplace was "fashion over function"..
pretty crowded in here. We actually had to wait in line, crazy.

whoot whoot!! We came to see Landon and Kala, both dudes who used to work with sam, and now they work at Apartment3.
what was I drinking?? passion fruit sake or something like that...
Alden met us there. Please note two things, first, Alden's glasses have no lenses in them. Second, the blonde girl in the back seems interested in this photo.
such good artwork around the walls.
Landon server face.
I think Angel took these pictures.

how crazy is this.. the DJ tonight was "D.J. Show", or as I like to call him, Mark. Mark used to work with me at PacSun. He rules.
Mark was also the DJ at our wedding!!! action.
o.k. the funniest thing I saw all night. Some girl was standing next to me, and when I looked up at her, all I saw was her purse in my face. She had a toothbrush hanging out of her purse!! Who brings a toothbrush to a bar??? Was she a hooker? was she homeless?? was she planning on sleeping at some dudes house that night?? haha, it was ridiculous.
... getting tired and hungry. time to go
So me and sam went to zippy's for some late night food, then went to our hotel...
.. we "Knocked boots"

yeah yeah so that was friday night.
Also worth mentioning, when I checked into our hotel earlier that day I witnessed this lady get hit by a car while she was on her moped. I couldnt get my camera out in time to take the picture while she was still on the ground. But she ended up being o.k., the cops came and everything. Interesting moment.

good day to you sir.