4 Day weekend recap with Bella

The 4 day weekend is over, which is no big deal for me because I dont go to school or work, so i'm living a 365 day weekend. Anyway, Bella wanted me to take a bunch of pictures of her and especially wanted me to video tape her too. Over the weekend we bashed pinata's, shopped, lost a tooth, dipped dots, shopped some more, then it was back to school for Bella. Here are the recap photos and montage video.

Bella lost her tooth at breakfast this weekend, it was the first tooth she lost that wasnt knocked out. (She was already missing her top front tooth, now she's missing that and her bottom front tooth.)
It created a perfect gap in her mouth to hold a straw... she likes it.
Dippin Dots is good

and they create such a beautiful mess...
We also got some new shoes in Waikele. Adidas was having a BOGO sale.. so I got a pair too. Bella's first Samba's.

Here is the rest of the weekend in video. Bella saw me using "Imovie" the other day, and she really wanted me to make a video of her, so I did... and here it is.