Me, Pat, Jeremy, Mahea, and Waves

Another wicked fun session okay. Yeah mang... me, jeremy, pat, and mahea all hit the surf on Monday. We hit a spot on the north shore that i've blogged about many times before. And again in this post, as all the other recent surf posts... we had a blast!! Fun 2 ft. lefts and no crowd, those are all the ingredients you need to have a fun session. I've been seeing a lot of pro surfers out at our spot recently which is weird... i dont know why they came all the way down here when they can get waves anywhere on the north shore, anyway, its all good.. everyone was cool and shared waves. Jeremy came along but didnt bring his surfboard, instead he brought his pro SLR camera and underwater housing... it kinda put my point-n-shoot camera to shame haha. Here are the pics from the day, and another short video.

somebody needs to whop a cutback on this baby...
Here are the pros: Sean Moody, Mark Healy, and Pat Beter.
Moody swing

Beter bump
blurry Healy
Mahea cruising along the strip
Jerm Dawg's camera set-up... It's weird, you can really feel the pressure to try and surf extra good when a camera is pointing at you. All it made me do was fall on my ass over and over again.
right back at ya'
another good wave goes by unnoticed.
Mahea passes on this one.....
.. but went 360` on this one.
beautiful skies... just dont forget the sunblock...

Video time folks...