Shoulda been here yesterday....

Yeah, we went back to our secret spot.... it was good, but not epic like the day before. This time we brought our secret weapon, Alden!! The waves were only like 2 foot, but fun, it wasnt completely empty like the day before either. This time there were 2 hot brazilian women surfing with us... strange. We surfed all morning, and then came in and ate our homemade lunches, peanut butter & jelly sammiches. It was a good day. I took a lot of photos even though it was small, then I ruined the photos by adding my 1st grade photoshop skills to them.
this place is SOOO secret, you need a paraglider just to get there! (is that joke getting old yet?)
..pat letting this one pass, "back set mo' bettah"
Homeboys 4 - life
i was too behind for this one.
mellow out dude
take it to the top pat!
mmm.. coming right to me.
the man, the myth, the Hamada

still a lot of unridden waves today too... we need like 2 more people to join the party.
Happy as a clam...

'roundhouse cutback' heaven
pathrick cutter
still good after we came in... almost tempted to go back out.

Video... with 2nd version soundtrack. My original soundtrack was awesome, MUSE- "knights of cydonia"... but youtube said "no can use dat track brah"... ack.
We have fun