Another reason why "point and shoot" camera's are just becoming too amazing!! I was sitting in a parking lot at U.H. waiting to meet up with someone, I was bored so I started looking through all the menu options on my Fuji finepix Z33 waterproof camera that i usually keep in my pocket. I found the shooting option called "auction mode".. its funcion is to take 2-4 pictures of an item and turn them into one picture so you can upload it to ebay as one picture so you dont have to pay for posting 4 pictures on ebay, or something clever/cheap like that. Anyway, I dont know, i thought this was a fun tool to just use and combine 4 random pictures together, no post production needed. So I walked around the parking lot and shot some picture, and I liked the results. This cheap camera rocks!!

This was at the parking structure elevator..
this is me obviously
.. and these were all taken at the garbage dumpster/rolloff thing.
maybe you recognize these locations if you are unfortunate enough to be a student.

later dudes and dudettes.