Noah's 2nd Biffday

Another birthday party, more cake, more pinata, more fun, more love. Our great friends and neighbors' Mike and Maria celebrated there son, Noah's 2nd birthday.
They had the celebration in our backyard which was easy traveling for all the friends and family that attended.

Noah is an amazing kid, every time I see him he makes me wanna have a son. A cute and quiet kid who will no doubt be flirting with Bella in about 10 years. Here are some pictures and video from today, most of the highlights being the "sack race" and the Pinata bashing. Elmo everywhere.

The Birthday Boy
Party times
There were some real "goodies" in the goody-bag's for kids (and for me.)
"Bubble - Boy"

He's my neighbor...
This kid is so rad...
"Sack Race" taken to the limit!!!
I think Bella came in last place, but a proud last place at that.
Elmo Pinata thinking everythings cool... everyones mellow... no greedy candy eyes yet.
Cupcakes are the way to go!
mmmmm... cupcakes
once again I surprise myself, in a yard filled with elementary students, I'm the one who squirts ketchup on his shirt!!
Ms. Captain Hook
time for some blindfold pinata beat down.

Noah wailed on this thing as hard as he could, as much as he could.... no bust.
Elmo kinda looked like he was enjoying the free "back massage" provided by Noah
Noah tried and tried to get Elmo to give out his insides, but Elmo is a tough dude. Here is a video of Noah whacking away at Elmo, then giving up and just giving Elmo a hug and calling it quits.

Here's a little montage of the "sack race" and the other kids trying to take the Pinata out of commission. I had lots of fun watching Bella have a good time.

Elmo spilled his guts all over the children... a prisoner in a terrorist video...

Bella proudly marched around the roadkill like a caveman bringing home the bacon.
Pinata 4 square
RIP Elmo, you were fun while you lasted.

...the birthday boy waves bye.