A whole post about shoes. I've been meaning to blog about bella's shoes for about a month now. I just like the fact that she likes 'Vans' too, I like the fact that we told her to pick any shoes she wanted and she didnt pick the first pair of pink shoes see saw. She liked herself some new "authentic's", green and red/black... killer choices bella!
.. and the second purpose of this post was to let you guys in on a family activity, custom shoe making.
All you need is a pair of white canvas shoes, for guys your best bet will be walmart.. they have plain white slip-on's and "boaters" for $10-$13!! We found Bella some plain white high tops at wal-mart too. Finding a pair of plain white shoes for Sam was harder than expected. Even a pair of white "Vans" classic slip-ons were $40!! Well, we managed to find a pair of sale high tops at Levi's, not bad.
The only other thing you need is a set of colorful Sharpie pens, the more colors the better. You'll also need a few hours of spare quality family time to get busy.
We each did one side of the pair of shoes for each other, nobody worked on there own shoes.
I started Bella's shoe off with some custom stitch coloring.. jealous yet?
Sam was hooking my shoe up some quality artwork, I felt bad for her because of the crap I was drawing on her shoe...
Bella going to town on my shoe...
I personalized Bella's high top, i put a rainbow and somehow put the rainbow colors in ROYBGIV order instead of the proper R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. (I switched the green and blue) oh well.
Bella said she liked my drawings, so thats cool. I am terrible at drawing!
Her completed Right shoe by: Dad

Mom on the other hand has got some artist hands. I want this on my shoe!
Here is some of the stuff Sam drew on my shoe..
Awesome dancing Camera's and a Banana moon.
I also did a terrible job on Sam's shoe, not just Bella's. I love them both equally.
alien abduction... jealous ladies?? dont you wish you had a pair of Steve Madden's like this!
All finished!

I freakin' love these shoes!!!!
Bella said she "wants to wear these everyday to school, even on field trips"...

adios amigos..