Polie's date with Pat

If you look at my blog now... it looks like all I do is surf. YUP. Observation correct. Tuesday it was back to the 'daily grind'... drop Bella off at school, then meet up with Pat and then go surf it up. The winds were light, there was still a small NE swell up, so we went to the obvious choice of Poli polie's. The waves were fun =) there was nobody out for 90% of the time, and me and Pat had a blast.

The line-up as soon as we showed up. Looks like just 2 guys out there.
This place is SOOOO secret, that you need a parachute just to get here.
enough Lefts to keep us entertained all day.

... the smile is on.
I didnt notice there was a turtle in this picture till I looked at it on my computer.. Timmy the turtle.
Little perfect Banana's.
As soon as me and Pat reached the outside, the two dudes who were out earlier were courteous enough to go in. That left me and Pat all by ourselves to get busy.
the water was pretty clear.

the waves were small, but perfect shaped. I actually wouldn't of minded using a longboard this day.. (don't hold that against me.)
While we were out by ourselves for a bit, my friend Dean who was surfing a few breaks down, paddled over for a hot minute and joined us.
Dean and his other bodyboarding friends came over at the right time!! The waves got real nice for a good 1/2 hour. score for everyone.

dang water drops on my lens... ack.

He looks like a rocketship with the ignition smoke blast behind him.

After Dean and the posse went in, it left me and Pat out by ourselves again. We surfed it for another hour after that...
Insert video here: this is probably the longest video section i've made this week. It's like 8 minutes of video filled with tiny fun waves... thanks to Pat for doing a good job of following me surfing too.

The Statue of Pathrick.
Coming in, you had to dodge the mine field of Japanese boogie-tourist.
Refreshed and tired at the same time.
On the way home we stopped for some Waialua grub. Tuna sammich and Wrap.
I likes tuna with crispy bites.
only thing was, I found a huge piece of Sperm in my sandwich. It looks like the Incredible Hulk jizzed in his pants... then on my sandwich.

haha, I thought this sticker was funny. A.K.A. "Keep the Country, Country"

whooooot. Believe it or not, this weekend should be some more fun times of surf adventures. I havent blogged about anything else recently... I havent even used my NIKON camera for over a week.