Grandma's Birthday: Bucca Di Plenty-o-food

Sunday night, we went out for a great big family dinner to celebrate Sam's Grandma's birthday!! I dont know if she wants to mention how old she is, but its somewhere between 65 and 75 years old, somewhere IN THE MIDDLE. Anyway, there was like 25 of us, so pretty much the place that came to mind was 'Bucca di Beppo'. Some fun italian foods. Good choice. It was a good time, most of the family came out, the kids enjoyed the pizza, the atmosphere, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate another year spent with one of the greatest grandparents ever, Diane... or as Bella calls her "grandma bear". As some of you know, grandma Diane came a long with us for our 3,500 mile road trip across the USA this past spring. She has to be the best road trippin' grandma out there. It was awesome to have her sit 'co-pilot' with me a long some of the long stretches across Arizona and Texas. She's rad.

Taking a backstage look at the Bucca kitchen.
Bella checking the "quality control"
our table in the back... one day I hope I get that round table with the "Pope head" in the middle... oh well, next time.
There was another birthday party on the table behind us (not as cool as our party).. but well spirited for sure. They came by our table and gave us some party favors and balloons and stuff. Awesome for Bella
Pepperoni pizza got mopped up in 24.7 seconds.
Bronson likes the photos on the wall. oooh la la, is that a picture of a lady in lingerie? .. One day i'm gonna bring my own framed photo and glue it to the wall. I really dont think anyone would notice... hmmm.
Giant meatballs!!!!
Spare ribs and Lasagna .... mmmm keep it coming.
Krissa's daughter, baby Giana!!! absolutely adorable!! she had a blast running around the table and playing with balloons.
this was either her "Pirate face"... or her face taking a vision test. Either way, too cute.
trying to get a family photo with some of the Ing children. Giana's face was perfect in this one.
now i'm missing Kalani's face....
this was the best one...
someone pass down the mashed potatoes!!

Birthday cake time... the good thing about singing "happy birthday" in Bucca's is the fact that the whole restaurant will join in.
everyone is clapping with perfect form, except Sam... she's clapping out of synchronized time.
candle - extinguished - wish - come true
all the Ladies!! hey ladies!!
fellahs!!! hey fellahs!
for some reason Bella looks like a cartoon or something in this picture, like a south park character of something..
Kiss kiss time
"just can't stop loving you"
I almost wanna knock out my front teeth so I can look just like Bella... I'd do anything for this kid.

Happy Birthday GranDiane.