Chinatown hanging out with Gracie

Last night, on Hallow's Eve, I met up with Grace and Zeke in downtown to do some 'hangin out'. Grace is in town for a few days, visiting from her busy New York life (hanging out with Jay-Z and Beyonce.) It's been about two years I think since Grace's last visit home to Oahu.
Grace was hanging out with Zeke and her old friends at "Art after Dark" at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, so after I got a babysitter I met up with them there. I've never been to the "Art after Dark" thing, so it was pretty crazy when I got there. Actually it was just ending when I got there, so I waited outside and got to witness the hundreds of people leaving the place dressed in their Halloween costumes. Believe it or not, it actually feels weird being the only person who is dressed 'regular' and being surrounded by 100 people that look like drunk abusive parents. Lucky for me, Grace and Zeke weren't dressed up either. Also, on a side note, I saw a couple guys dressed up like "Max" from the movie 'Where the wild things are'... which was interesting because it proved my point that, I thought there were going to be more adults dressed liked "Max" rather than little kids this year. I mean, I dont know how many 10 year olds wanna dress up like "That kid who cried in the boat in that Monster movie" (as Bella put it.)
After we met up, we headed into Chinatown to have some drinks at 'Manifest'. (of course)

this was when we met up at "Art after Dark"
Sarah, Star, Zeke, Grace
...then off to Manifest so I could start catching up on the Drunk atmosphere created by everyone else but me.
Grace and Zeke drink whisky, but I bet I still have more chest hair than both of them combined.
The crowd was good, very light not too hot. Enough seats if you wanted to sit down, but enough people standing up so you wouldnt be the only one.
while i drink another 'wild blue', enjoy the latest issue of Innov8
The Brandon and in the out of focus background, his self-portrait pumpkin
So yeah there was shitload of people dressed up walking around here and there, I was thinking.. "I should take pictures of all these crazy people".. but then I remembered I didnt want to upload that many pictures, so I said forget it! ... BUT!!, this girl right here I had to take a picture of. I loved her Hula Girl Lamp Costume, it was very cool, also her light really lit up when she pulled the chord. nice.
Grace's sister' Sarah also met up with us at 'Manifest'... Sarah is coolio (not like the singer)
I'm drinking a Stella now, so that must mean we left Manifest... now we are at 39Hotel.
We crossed the street from Manifest to see if anything was happening over at 39Hotel, but it was pretty vacant. I think people are saving there electrolytes for Saturday night Halloween.

I always realize when I start taking pictures of my feet that, I must be drunk. Time to sober up.
walk back to the car. Also, for those of you who loved that "Tamogatchi" toy in high school, you'll be pleased to know that some guy that has a last name that sounds like tamogatchi is gonna be at the Hawaii Theatre.... so yeah.
nice, I caught the marquee changing in my 1/10 second exposure...
and coming home I realized that I dont have any pictures of me hanging out. "How are people gonna really believe it was me that hung out with Grace tonight?...", told ya' it was me.

bye!! Hope to see you before you leave again Grace!