VEGAS: Cameron's Bachelor Party

all right now!! Only 7 days after the fact, i'm finally done with the Vegas Weekend blog post. Here's the thing, I had about 400 photos from the weekend, 300 of the photos made it back to Hawaii without immediate deletion... and over 100 photos made it onto the blog. I'm pretty tired of looking at this blog right now, i'm gonna type this out real fast no spell check no grammar check, "Let's do this."

Anyway, this past weekend I went to Las Vegas to celebrate my good friend of 20 years, Cameron's, bachelor party. All the boys came out including Kelley Bob. Pat, Alden, Craig, Masen, Garrett, Steven, Scotty, and many others flew up and some folks like Ryan drove over from california. Crazy weekend was in the happenings for sure.

Vegas is a pretty weird place, I definetely couldnt do Vegas more than once a year. But honestly, I had a much better time than I thought I was going to have going into the weekend. Alden did most of the Agenda planning, Nudie bar, buffets, gambling, club time, sleep time, etc. and it all worked out perfect.
I did spend a lot of money, but it was definetely worth it... i mean, there's no such thing as "free sex" right?!! just kidding.
I have the absolute worst luck when it comes to gambling. I liked playing games that have nothing to do with skill or knowledge. I played roulette and Baccarat mostly, games that give you the player about 50% chance of guessing correctly. My ability to pick the wrong color on the Roulette wheel EVERY SINGLE time was absolutely uncanny. My longest losing streak at Roulette was 7 bets. Imagine flipping a coin 7 times in a row, and guessing it wrong every time... thats me!! Yeah shitty i know, even shittier knowing that my odds of guessing it correctly 7 times in a row were exactly the same, wtf. Also, to make me feel even more like a "tool", there was an old asian guy sitting next to us while we were playing Baccarat and he was betting anywhere between $1,200 - $4,000 per hand!! what! he didnt even crack a smile when he won $4,000 in 6 seconds... geeez.
Anyway it was a good time. People ask me now, "what was your favorite part"... and the honest answer is (not the strip bar), it was the fact that I got to hang out with all my very close friends all weekend and just enjoy each others company, really... o.k. maybe it was the nudie bar.
So here are the pictures from the weekend and two videos. I love my friends, I love them very much, and I love that my friend Cameron found a wonderful girl to love for the rest of their lives.

About to get on the airplane, 7:00am Hawaii.
One layover on the way to Vegas. LAX
A pretty sweet opportunity to spread the 'swine flu'. nice job Japan man.
About 1 hour away from Vegas... anxious for tonight. least I knew that if something bad happened on the plane, that Magnum PI is gonna come open the emergency exit door for me.
Landing in about 5 mins.
"Viva Las Vegas!!!!"
Alden had a very rough draft of possible items of interest for tonight. "party here then party there" attitude.
The Bachelor of the hour!! I've always liked to describe Cameron as my "white friend".
o.k. I took a picture of this because, take a look... you see that "Green Zero" in the middle of the Roulette results scoreboard? Well, I bet on that Zero, on that table... as soon as I got to the casino I bet $10 on green single zero... and guess what?!! I hit that 22 the roll before the Zero!! If I was 3 minutes later, I would of filled my pocket with $380.. oh well.
So after a quick drinking/gambling session in the Luxor, we were picked up by a limousine . A Limo that took us directly and only to "Spearmint Rhino". Which i've heard is the best nudie bar in vegas.
haha, there was 14 of us i think trying to fit into this limo. The Sausage-Fest has officially started.
a picture of us while we still had our money.
okay, fill in the blank here. We were with the nudies for 4 hours or so i think. Obviously no camera's were allowed in the place so I dont have any pictures of anything. I can tell you this... the ratio of hot ladies to guys in the club was 1 to 1 ... no joke! It was like they were having a stripper picnic in there! It might of been the few gallons of vodka and redbull that we all drank, but those stripper ladies were hot!! It might be better that we never got any pictures and that we were all drunk, because in our imaginations and in our vague memories from that night... we were some very lucky dudes. Who knows, those strippers could of been 80 year old chinese men dressed in bikini's, but in our mind they were queens treating us fellahs like kings. So yeah, that was that. And to our wives, I tell you... nothing foul happened, that's a John promise... well except for that one time when Alden got on stage and danced for 2 songs... (how he managed to make $435 is beyond me.)

So this is us on the limo ride back to our hotel from the strip joint. Seems like Craig sold his eyeballs for a lap~dance.
Good time. (also this limo driver ripped us off!! $70 just to take us back!)
... checking my wallet walking back to the hotel room, "how do I still have money left?!"... the nice stripper ladies must of been paying me for services.
up in the hotel suite, we talk about naked ladies... and somehow all the dudes take off their shirts. .. the Sausage-fest continues in our room!
I can only exlpain this picture as: "LET'S DO THIS!!"-Alden Hamada (if you get it, you get it, if not I cant tell you.)

It took us 20 minutes to realize Ryan wasnt talking to us in the living room... oh, he was taking a bubble bath that's why.

hey, 3 guys in a shower... nothing wrong with that. (is pat taking off his pants!?)
~Ryan, I love you.
I had to tackle some asmtha
Alden, I love you
John, thanks for being me.

alrighty then... Night one is over. Wake up Saturday morning with some room service.
re-charge with "Vitamins" and "allergy medicine"
it takes a karate kid to know how to eat a proper 'bread and jam'
Let's head downstairs so we can throw away some more money. "Megabucks" up at 11 million dollars. Oh The daydreams I had about winning that much money... none of them involved any unhappy friends or family members.

The most I ever won in Vegas... then I immediately lost it all at Roulette 14 minutes later.
Here's the table we played on mostly... "Fuck you table"
We got out of our hotel and walked over to the RIO for a quick bit.


Back at the hotel, we all got ready to go out for Night 2. I made sure my socks matched the sofa chair, i'm all set.
Ryan made sure he wore his "Vegas Fag Bag"
on the way to meet the Bachelor in his Luxor hotel..
We went to the Luxor Buffet for dinner... it was some delicious stuff.
and Kelley came out to meet up with us for Night 2.
If it's a flat rate for food, you might as well stock up on King crab legs and shrimp cocktails right?!!

there was one sexual experience in Vegas... I lost my virginity to this cherry tart.

Gotta "check-in" with our respective others every once in awhile.
Luxor pyramid (not really in Egypt)
Inside the pyramid (this IS really egypt)
Kelley, I love you
Getting ready to go to "LAX", one of the clubs in Luxor. Putting our money together, because really... "money talks" in Vegas.
On the way up... Steve and Cam... brothers in arms. (very untanned arms)
"C'mon party people!!"
they let us into the club first (10:30pm or so)... so here's what it looks like being empty.
Here was our VIP balcony/room thing. Bottle service all night.

Cameron, probably facebooking or something... tweeting maybe.
what is this Volcano?
Smart looking and Drunk looking.

Lady lady dropping off our first bottles. Alden making sure everything is copacetic.
Hey, I like when people take my camera from me.. that way I can be in some photos too.

a toast to cameron, "that he may be toasted later"..

sorry ladies, i'm married. too bad for you, cause look at this goodness.

cam said: "which one of you lucky dudes is gonna cup my balls tonight!!?"
I am not me without a fake mustache on my face.

now a lot of people... somebody famous was over there on the right.. i forget who.. some white girl from "The Hills" or something. I dont know, I was on a higher elevation than her, so she obviously is not as cool.
I keep taking these pictures of bottles, I think I took a picture everytime more bottles got dropped off. I dunno.

from down here.

I told you I was gonna be wearing "dress shoes"
cameron, I love you
"Those are some hot Ferrari's dude"
the night was winding down around 3:00 am... one more hour to finish the last of it.
Steven, how dare you only show one nipple.

at some point in the night we were "making it rain" with money.

If you know the story about "the bruised knee", then you know. If not, then you need to know.
Masen pointing out the obvious
"These arent mashed potatoes"

Ryan with the best 'rage face' of the night.
Alden, Me, and Ryan.
Pat soaking up the last of the goodness.
I am not sober in this picture, i'm sure of it.
so we got out of LAX around 4:30 am or something like that. We walked around Luxor for a bit, Cameron passing out borat "high fives" to everyone in the casino..
Ate at Mcdonalds at about 5:30 am. Bed time after this.

Waking up the next morning, I looked at my arm. What is this?!! "Did I go to a Carl's Jr. night club last night?"... I dont remember, must of been fun.
Sunday morning breakfast was not as sophisticated as the day before. Crackers and Jam (we are here for a bachelor party right?!! gotta do it right)
We checked out of our first suite on sunday morning, then moved downstairs into a smaller room.
Before we checked out though, I had to have some fun.
It's been a while since i have scored a frothy tube on my ironing board.
Ryan tried to catch a few waves on my board, but he broke it! wipeout

A few floors down, we got a new room. A smaller room.
Im sure these pictures are out of order, but whatever. Me, Pat, and Cr-egg went walking along the strip to go meet up with Cameron at the Mirage on Sunday night for some last night hang out. We walked from Tropicana to Caesars to Mirage then back to Gold Coast... ridiculous!!

Ms. Liberty in Vegas
New York
My favorite homeless guy... soon to be seen on CSI vegas.

Elvis Presley is here and well!!
If you've been to Vegas than you know what these guys are... the mexicans in the blue and yellow shirts, the dudes who pass out the "escort" cards.
I like to collect them like baseball cards.
My series 1 is almost complete. I just need "Veronica" and the "Asian massage" hologram cards.
a taste of Home.
this was interesting. This motorcycle had a dvd player on his handlebars. Wow, real safe driving guy.

Water show to the theme music from 'Pink Panther'

shit, if I only remembered what the last number was in this phone number for "Hot babes"
Luckily for us, we never had to retrieve Cameron from the roof of Caesars Palace. (The Hangover)
Last chance slots in the Mirage.
Craig said the famous prayer: "God, please just this once.... I need this one, I swear i'll be good"

Back out on the strip.
How was Cameron the only person not blurry in this picture?!!
We took some time to check out some nice lowriders driving down 'the strip'.

then we got real tripped out on "Shrooms"
"High on mushrooms"
While we were tripping out on 'shrooms', I started seeing the trees talking to me and following me with there eyeballs... yes, the trees had faces.
Back at the Hotel room. Making sure I was gonna have some sweet dreams this night.
"Tossing the options around"
This was my cue to call it quits. (actually later in the night, I went downstairs and spent these 6 cents on the penny slots.) I am sad.
I also took a picture of this, because it's absolutely ridiculous!! Anyone who bets at Roulette knows that the odds of this pattern showing up is crazy odd. Black, Red, black, red, then black, then red, then repeat... almost impossible!! It's as rare as seeing the Alabama Leprechaun.
Pat still managed to step in dog shit and win some last minute money.
Pat is a Wienerschnitzel!!
He was the only one who walked away "up" on sunday night. It might of been fun for him, but his friends are not happy for him.

Pat and Craig Leaving Las Vegas, they left 1o hours before I did... "Shaka Aloha"
Monday morning I was all by myself. All my boyfriends left me in the wee hours of the a.m. to go back home. Luckily Kelley came through and took my poor ass out to a farewell breakfast. We went to the breakfast buffet at "The Orleans"... good stuff.
...and I finally got to meet her son Brix!! I love it.
mmmm... comfort food breakfast to heal the Vegas soul.
Brix, I love you
Simple joy
Brix is already in training to "Suck 'em up" at his Bachelor party one day.
On my way home... I love home. I missed Sam and Isabella so much.
Passing over some aortic veins of the western U.S.

Finally back home, Sam and Bella picked me up at the airport. First thing Bella said to me was: "I have a suprise for you...." (my birthday present awaits)
video part one..

video part two...
I am so mad at this video because it took me so long to put together, then when I uploaded it to youtube, the Audio got completely jacked up for some reason. Hope you dont mind watching a video that looks like it's been 'lip synched'. Ack, and if you can hear it... that's Ryan's cellphone ringtone that is playing George Micheal.

So a very long blog post. But I dont think the pictures do the trip justice. We will all be able to rely on our individual memories to remind us of each other and the great weekend.

For a good time call "Cameron"