Black Sails into the Sunset

We finally carved our pumpkin last night. We unfortunately never got around to doing one last year, so Sam really had her heart set on doing a nice one this year. I thought it came out great!!

Bella got our pumpkin from the Pumpkin Patch in Kapolei..
she was very happy to get started, she asked every day for a week... "can we carve our pumpkin tonight?!!!!" (almost like an "are we there yet" attitude, haha)
proper professional tools from Wal-mart
Step 1) Cut off that top!!
Step 2) Dig in!!!!
i'm suprised Bella didnt mind getting her hands dirty. I personally still think the inside of a pumpkin in GROSS, and it smells funny. Bella went for it!

We thought a Pirate Ship would be pretty badass..
By then, Bella's excitement turned into sleep. She passed out waiting for her parents to hurry up and finish.
.... just about done.
... and "Wah-Lah!!!" it rules

Halloween tomorrow!! yay.