Friday surf "Pillars" with pat, alden & ryan

Finally, it's been a week since I surfed last. Friday the south shore had a very small swell come in. We surfed "Pillars" which was pretty fun, it was mostly fun because we were the only ones out. The waves were pretty good when they came in, but it was inconsistent and the winds were not cool. Most of the time me and pat just "Boogie-surfed" with our surfboards, trying to pull into some tiny tubes. We surfed with our old friend from high school, Ryan, he was smart enough to bring a real bodyboard. Next time i'm either gonna bring a bodyboard or i'm gonna wear some goggles and bring a snorkel.

Alden made sure he wore the flower in his "single" ear, just in case there was some cute boys out in the water..
we were practicing getting barreled here. " Tuck in dude..."
Slip and slide
"Seaweed fins"
"Seaweed Surfer Silhouette"
Alden turned on his paddling afterburners on immediately.. gotta get those waves.
Sunscreen face
It was a nice day to be outside and in the ocean.
It was best when we first got there, then after that it got a little smaller and more windy.
Outside, way outside.
Alden shreds with his popper styles.
Grizzly Pat
i took this one when we were coming in.
Video segments.. "boogie surfing rules!!!"

after the nice fun friendly surf session, we helped ourselves to some yum yum peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Alden is such a cool cat, he always brings us treats and drinks.

cha cha cha cha cha