From my birthday

I have awesome friends and awesome family, and it shows. I can tell my friends really "get me". I got some awesome birthday gifts from my friends and a real special one from my dad. My birthday was 10 days ago, but I finally got around to taking pictures of this stuff so I could show you guys what I got.

Alden and Chaz know me very well obviously. Alden got me a pack of Fake Mustache's, a Mustache comb, and a LED Camera Keychain. Chaz got me a Kidrobot blindbox keychain, and Mustache band-aids!! Sooper Cool stuffs.

And the most sentimental gift came from my dad. He sent me this old picture of us, and my cousin Amy, at Candlestick park in San Fransisco. This was taken 20 years ago when me and my dad took a trip to San Fransisco to see the "Giants" play in the NLCS play offs. One of the reasons I love baseball so much is because of my dad, and because of this trip. It will be one of the best memories I will keep with me for the rest of my life. The "Giants" did win the National league pennant this season, it was awesome. Also, If you remember, this is the year San Fransisco had the huge earthquake during the world series. The earthquake happened right after we left San Fran to come back home to Hawaii, crazy.
My Dad also sent me this baseball card. Kevin Mitchell and Will Clark were my FAVORITE baseball players when I was really into following baseball (I still think that 1989 Giants team was the best team ever.) This card really meant a lot to me, because it brought back a lot of memories from my childhood. Also, I always thought my dad looked like Will Clark.
here's the stats from the back of the card. Thanks Dad!!!

okay... bye for now.