meet our newest family member, COSMONAUT

"I can tell that we are gonna be friends"

Today we added another member to our family. His name is Cosmonaut, or "Cosmo" for short. We bought him today, kind of an impulse buy. After me and Sam went to ala moana, we stopped by Pearl highlands shopping center because we wanted to look at the craft store. Since we were there we also stopped by the pet store. They had a good amount of puppies in stock, and a certain few really caught our eyes. We looked at 2 puppies that really got our sweethearts pumping, I think we brought home the best choice out of the two to be the newest 'Hook.'
Here's a look at some of the puppies we were looking at, and some pictures of Cosmo at home with his new family.
We thought of a few names before we settled on Cosmonaut. One of the close runner up names was "Chad"... no joke!! haha. Other names were: Nugget, Chester, Goliath, BananaHead, Ramses, or Barnabus.

This other puppy was another chihauhau terrier mix, just like Cosmo, that was very cute, but he was sleeping the whole time.
here's one of the pups we were really looking at. He was Cosmo's brother.... he had a nice white and brown color on him. But he acted pretty nutty when he was fully awake. I dont know if he would of got along with Kingsley that well...
a cute white puppy in the next cage over...(unfortunately he was high on marijuana, and that's not cool in our house.)
... and his fuzzy brother. these guys looked too attached to each other, and we didnt want to seperate them.
In Cosmo's cage... it was him and 2 of his brothers. I think Cosmo was the "runt" of the bunch. He was super mellow in the cage, while his two brothers were practicing there MMA moves on each other, he was the lone pup who just stared at us and gave us his ''puppy eyes'' look.
...checkin' Sam out.
..oh, we also thought about getting a hairless guinea pig. we thought about it for about 45 seconds, then decided otherwise. I thought he might just end up looking like a spare testicle running around the house with 4 legs and ears. we took two puppies out to take a closer look at, to see if we really felt that connection. This was Cosmo's brother, you can tell because he was the one with the white fur. He was very loving, but it just seemed he was more happy to be out of the cage than anything else.

So we took Cosmo home. Set up his buffet line next to Kingsley's.
Cosmo getting to know his new older brother, Kingsley. Now Kingsley looks huge compared to the new puppy.
Romp -n- roll.
plus, he likes my cut-off's. he's a winner.
plus, he likes my toes. winner.
About to attack moms.
Kingsley looks like he just took his last dose of cocaine in this picture.
Cosmo looks like a puppy and an old man at the same time... heheehe. also looks like he's storing an easter egg inside of his skull. His head is so round on the top.

1/2 chihauhau, 1/2 terrier, 1/2 lion, 1/2 street rat.
"please tell me you guys make bacon for breakfast here"
giving Kingsley a kiss
puppy power.
I think I might draw an elephant face on his butt for halloween. looks like this could be a good elephant trunk right?
Bella was really suprised when we picked her up from school with the new puppy. ... "Wow!! I can't believe we have two dogs, thats so awesome!!"

After a good 2 hours of "chase master" and belly rubs, Cosmo hit a deep sleep.

Kingsley still isnt sure what he's suppose to do with the little guy.

"guess i'll just wait here till this new fool wakes up"
Yoda - ish

Kinglsey is all mature and big now.
puppy home video.

bye for now.

the whole time i was blogging this post, Cosmo has been sleeping in a curled up ball in my lap. He looks like a fuzzy cinnamon roll. I think I will have him for breakfast.