Old picture re-post v.3

So I am about to upload all my pictures from our Vegas trip and make a blog post about the weekend. I'm sure that is going to take me a few days... absolutely a ridiculous amount of photos and video from Vegas, crazy. Soooo, in the mean time, i'll just post some old pictures up here again.

This Picture was taken not that long ago, but I dont think I ever posted it on my blog. Anyway, Chris had a pretty cool idea to take a picture next to this "Duplicating Services" sign on the UH campus. The Idea is pretty obvious when you see the picture. I like this picture because its not a multiple exposure (or an overlapped image)... it's just one exposure. It took us all night to figure out how to angle the flashes properly so we would get the shadows right, and also one of the key elements was to not make the second clone figure look like a "ghost". We finally figured it out and came out with some cool results (I think.)
Its pretty funny how it took us all night to take this picture, because these days you can do this process in photoshop in about 3 minutes and nobody would know the difference. But we like to work hard for our pictures. Yay.

"Crestallion Clone"