Victoria Secret grand opening 10/01

Hi there, Friday morning after we dropped off Bella we went to Ala Moana to check out the grand opening of the first Hawaii location of "Victoria Secret". It was Sam and her mom's idea, not mine. Anyways, we got there about 9:15am.. and the line was absolutely ridonculous. We didnt want to wait in that line, so we just shopped around ala-mo instead. We've been into the Victoria Secret in San Fran a few times, and everytime we went there Sam never bought anything, so we didnt think it would of been worth it to wait in line for 39 minutes to shop around with 200 other crazy ladies.
fancy "Victoria Secret Service" security all over the place...

yeah, good line, yeah. This be the front of the line.....
... then it bent around the corner by long's drugs and headed towards the parking lot...
...and ended right here, next to the road.... CRAZY
I wonder how long these crazy bitches were waiting at the front of the line...
doors open around 9:30... go make a mess ladies!
I saw this lady in line with the denim mini-skirt. I think she wasnt wearing any underwear, so she definitely needed to get in there and buy herself some silk "granny panties".. before more kids pop out of there.
My first observation, I WOULD NEVER WANT TO SEE 99.9% OF THESE PEOPLE IN THEIR VICTORIA SECRET UNDERWEAR!!!! im a Jackass i know, but really. I didnt see one good looking person in line.
got your big purses for stealing... check.
more "Angels"...
"Im gonna look like a supermodel with that bra!!"
"where's the shit that's my size?!"
"come down now, get good sale you know".. "yeah, shmell sooo good in hea"
"you no give me dis one for quarter quarter price?"
I want the cougar Panty please... please.

After the Victoria Secret "bust"... we walked around the mall and killed time. we killed it with knives.
check out this Sam Flores shirt... pretty nice.
oh we all know "Rick - like - Rod"

man, im a jerk. sorry ladies, you really do look good in those underoos.