New stuffs

This week I got some new stuffs, some from the store, some stuff in the mail. All of which I will show you now.

Some of you may know that our t.v. of 4 years busted... it just killed itself with no suicide note or anyting, just died for no good reason.

So this was our old t.v.

and this be our new television.... i love it. I feel I need to be watching football games on it or something. It's sweetnes, 40" of Samsung goodness.
Bella loved the opportunity to make an "airplane" out of the box...
taking a peek out of the First Class window while flying the plane at the same time, talented.

then today I finally checked my mailbox, I had all kind of stuff in there. I had a new print from my homie "Angry Woebots" and I had a package from Japan. Shane's mother sent me something from Sasebo, Japan. Sam also got some birth control in the mail (in that white package.) Now that means we can have consensual intercourse without the fear of my sperms making her tummy big.
Shane's mom even wrote me a nice love letter. MILF's what i've always wanted, a short sleeve hoodie/ track jacket. I am gonna look so bomb in this thing... lemme go try it on.
hahaha this thing is awesome, now I have something to wear when I do my daredevil stunts.
.. and it makes me look as handsome as Jared Leto
Thanks so much Shanes mom!!... also if you're reading this, I miss your cucumber breakfast sandwich.

Then I opened the tube from Aaron. It was one of his newest giclee prints, "Fur and Fangs". Sweet to the max, he even personalized it for me with some hand drawn and spraypainted details.

so yeah, I got new stuff. Thanks all y'all.