Old picture re-post v.4

Yeah, I'm still working on the Vegas blog post you impatient bastards. Anyway i'll kill some more time here and post more old pictures. I've also noticed all my pictures include Chris, i'm pretty sure we meet in our dreams every night. Anyway these pictures are from back earlier this year. Chris brought over his projector to my house one night, and we experimented with projecting images onto certain things and taking pictures of it. We were screwing around with all kind of images that night... we projected zebra stripes onto my hairy chest, a skeleton face onto my face, all kind of random internet images onto the curtains, etc.
Anyway I liked this idea. Putting an image of a girls face onto Chris's face. Played with the composition a little bit, I like the difference between the facial textures too. Just look at the pictures and you can figure out what i'm talking about. No photoshop used

"Identity Crisis"

"Bearded Lady"

.it seems like this could be one of those 'personality tests' where you look at the picture and determine if you notice a woman's face first or a man's face. I think if you notice Chris's face first, then like me, you are consumed with him.